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Adams Elementary School

Mt. Adams

Superintendent Imler Honored by State School Administrators Association

Congratulations to Wapato Public Schools Superintendent Becky Imler who has been recognized by her peers for her leadership in increasing student achievement.  Superintendent Imler received the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) Student Achievement Award at the South Central Region’s awards banquet in early May.   

During her presentation of the award, WASA Assistant Executive Director Helene Paroff said that Superintendent Imler’s ability to communicate her passion for learning is contagious and the students and Wapato community have greatly benefitted from her 12 years as Superintendent.  Paroff said Superintendent Imler is not shy about making decisions that result in improved performance and increased learning.  She went on to say her rigor and demand for excellence is second to none and will be missed.  Superintendent Imler is retiring at the end of June after serving 41 years in public education, the last 12 as Wapato’s superintendent.

Superintendent Imler also handed out some recognition at the awards banquet.  She presented the KIT-Radio Morning News team with the WASA Community Leadership Award.  The Morning News team consisting of Dave Ettl, Lance Tormey and Jack “Jacksonian” Balzer was celebrated for its ongoing support of the District’s work to increase student achievement and for its support of public education in general.